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Firaga Rune Notebook

Firaga Rune Notebook

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Perfect for scribbling and organising, notebooks are as popular as ever for customers to use as travel journals, event planning, and for work or school notes.
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Do Gamers use notebooks?

We do! Having a TODO list to tick off enough to know when we can play guilt free! 😁

Personally, I'm a fan of the bullet journalling method and have used that for many years, but each page ends up being a doodle pad as the day progresses.

I tend to write down ideas before going to sleep so that I can quiet my brain, and waking up I like to plan the day (wether I stick to it or not).

So I am completely lost without a notebook or 7.

If you want to show off your doodles, we are on instagram and twitter. I say we... my wife is oddly a gamer-technophobe, yep little Miss contrary, so it's just me Spec, but I'd love to see what you've used these notebooks for.