What is all this anyway?

Abstract fan art? Something for gamers who learned roman numerals from Final Fantasy and lived through the cartridges to CDs to DLCs but who has to adult nowadays.

We want to make FUN products for the mature gamer without being very mature about it - ying and yang, cookies and chalk, that kind of thing.

Ultimately we want to just have a good time coming up with ideas that we want to make, make 'em and wear 'em, but we are starting small.

Every purchase is SO much appreciated, and we hope you love it as much as we loved designing it!

This store is one of Specs side projects which will all culminate into one ecosystem of quizzes, websites and products.

Some of which will be developed on our twitch channel where you can come hang out and influence what we make, or see Spec completely fail to jump on the very first swing of platformer and embarrass himself, a common emotion throughout games chat chose for him to play O.o

Or stop by for some Final Fantasy quizzes and test your knowledge!